When my friend asked, “Why shop at a farmers market?”  I was almost speechless.  I thought everybody loved shopping at farmers markets.  Here’s a quick list of why I do.

  1. Dinner:  What’s being harvested now becomes, “what’s for dinner”!  Dinner plans are high on my list.
  2. Nutrition:  Next to grazing in the field the market is where I get the freshest primo foods.
  3. Flavor: I get the most delicious dinner fixin’s, as well as lunch fixin’s, and breakfast fixin’s.  Thank God for heavy duty canvas bags to tote the bounty home.
  4. Snacks:  Bread and cheese, strawberries, or wild blueberry muffins are right there for a quick bite to eat.

Spring strawberries from Crimson and Clover Farm, Florence, MA

  1. Adventure:  I love to see the intense colors and all of nature’s designs at the market.  I like to look for something unusual and try it.
  2. Support local farmers:  Like the bumper sticker says, “No Farms No Food” or the other bumper sticker; “Yes Farms Yes Food”
  3. Learning: The farmers, producers, and gatherers know their stuff.  When they share a recipe, I dance home and make it.
  4. Save money:  I do find deals.  The Farmers Market Coalition backs me up on this.

Shiso leaves from Kitchen Garden Farm, Sunderland, MA

  1. Fun:  It’s a regular festival, with kids frolicking, musicians playing, and sometimes with pie slices tempting me.  Have I said I like to eat?
  2. Building community:  Shopping through the rhythm of the seasons and with my community; truly heartwarming.
  3. A treat: Perhaps a jar of jam and some wild mushrooms will be a-special-something-purchase.
  4. Simple pleasures:  Touching the herb starts, smelling the fresh cut flowers, and photographing awesome displays of food, these are a few of my favorite things.

Those are my whys.  How about you?  Let me know!

Husk Cherry Chocolate Ginger Pie created by the crew at Old Friends Farm