• Prep time
  • 15 minutes
  • Dietary

  • Diabetic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
  • Meal type

  • Salad
  • Misc

  • Serve Cold

Yeah, it’s spring! Here’s an early spring salad using the first of the season organic greens, from Crabapple Farm, with recently dug parsley roots and carrots. I so appreciate the farmers bringing these roots, that have wintered over in the ground, to market this week.


  • lettuce and other salad greens (use the amount you imagine will be needed )
  • 1 medium parsley root (grated / use more depending on the size of your salad)
  • 1 medium carrot (grated / use more depending on the size of your salad)


  • Step 1
  • Wash the greens in a large container of cold water. Dry the greens in a spinner or pat them dry with linen towels. Tear the greens up and place on salad plates or in bowls.
  • Step 2
  • Parsley root was dug this spring after wintering over by luscious and local

    Wash and then grate the carrot and parsley root. Decorate the salads with some of each of the grated roots. Serve with a dressing on the side for drizzling on the salad.