Sixty-some sunny degrees on November 18 was an unexpected delight in New England.  The warmth possessed my hands and pulled me out into the garden.  I grabbed some heads of garlic (just three—it’s a small garden) from my farm share and tucked each clove in a couple of inches of soil.


“Go, go, go, little garlics!  Start growing your roots,”  I invited.  These were grown at Crimson and Clover Farm in Florence, Massachusetts, so are likely well adapted to our area and ready for whatever winter has in store for them.


I believe optimum planting time would have been early to mid October, so this is a bit of an experiment.  I’ll know if it was successful next summer.  And you’ll be the next to know!


I’m patting myself on the back, as this late-date garlic planting is an improvement over last season.  In the fall of 2012 I missed planting all together, and my garlic went into the ground in the spring.  I had some lovely garlic scapes to harvest just weeks after they appeared at the farmers markets.  The bulbs we harvested were not especially large, but they were a decent size and filled out our garlic stash nicely.