Rhubarb Sauce: Stevia or Honey Sweetened

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Have you made rhubarb sauce? It's a spring tradition for many families. Quick to make, nutritious, colorful, and versatile: rhubarb sauce charms my family every time! Read More »
Right Side of Plate

Strawberry Lime Salsa with Chive Blossoms

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The strawberries, scallions, cilantro, and chive blossoms are all plentiful in late spring and early summer here in New England. Celebrate the season and enjoy them in Strawberry Lime Salsa with Chive Blossoms. I created this recipe by putting together some of my favorites available in the markets and even in my garden this month. Read More »
Watch the ostrich fern spring, summer, and fall so you are ready to pick next spring.

Foraging for Edible Fiddleheads: Plan Now for Next Spring

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There are Ostrich Ferns in my back yard!  Now I know for sure; because, I went on a Wild Edibles Walk with Blanche Cybele Derby on May 18th. ... Read More »
Wild Edibles for Your New England Table by Luscious and Local

Wild Fiddleheads with Feta

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Foraging for fiddleheads is half the fun! The other half is getting to eat these nutritious spirals of energy and mystery. Cooked simply, following the safety recommendations, these ostrich fern fiddleheads are adorned with a little butter, lemon juice, and locally produced goat feta cheese. Read More »
Salad with all fresh ingredients from the farmers market in Northampton, MA

Spring Greens Salad with Parsley Root

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Yeah, it's spring! Here's an early spring salad using the first of the season organic greens, from Crabapple Farm, with recently dug parsley roots and carrots. I so appreciate the farmers bringing these roots, that have wintered over in the ground, to market this week. Read More »
Parsley Root from WInter Moon Roots, Hadley, MA by Luscious and Local

Parsley Root: An Unusual Vegetable

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I was just starting to shop at the Saturday Winter Farmers Market in Thornes, Northampton when I saw a display of what I took to be parsnips.  There... Read More »

Lemon Chive Salad Dressing

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Here's one way to use the first herb to appear in my garden after the snow melts! What a delight to pick this aromatic herb and incorporate it into a meal. Read More »
It's the second year for these nutricous chive plants

Cutting Chives

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One day in late winter I spied little chive leaves peeking through the snow!  These were volunteers that appeared in a pot on my deck last summer.  I... Read More »

Oh Wow, Oven Fries

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Here is an ultimate comfort food. The best news is that these fries are low fat. Read More »
Minestrone Like Soup High in Nutrition and Flavor Luscious and Local

Hot Italian Sausage, Kale, ‘n Vegetable Soup

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In the fall, all the vegetables combined here are available from local gardens and nearby farms. The low fat pork sausage in this soup was humanely raised by Ana and Michael of Manda Farm in Plainfield, MA. Read More »