Is kale one of your favorite vegetables?  Years ago, I fell for kale when she was all dressed up.  I ordered a melt-in-my-mouth steamed Kale dish served up with garlic sauté, Point Reyes Blue cheese, and toasted hazelnuts on top.  I was having dinner at the Café Flora in Seattle, WA.  It was love in one divine bite. Kale became a special occasion friend, showing up on my table prepared in this irresistible way.
We got acquainted over the months. And over the months, Kale bumped up all the way from no attraction to fabulous let’s have that yummy-kale-dish tonight!  It’s easy to make. Check out the recipe.

We have several blue cheeses made in New England:

All three are great. I used Boucher’s this time.   It’s also called, Green Mountain Blue Cheese and lives up to the website’s description: “Smooth creamy, and mild, with undertones of chestnuts, sweet hay, and truffles.”  I tasted the Berkshire Blue recently.  It was creamy, complex, and smooth.  Next time I buy blue I’ll go with the Berkshire.  In addition to being fabulous to savor, it’s from all Jersey cows, is made with unpasteurized milk, and it’s the most local to my home.

I find this at the Winter Farmers’ Market at Thornes in Northampton and it’s available in many markets in Western Massachusetts.
Back to the essence of this special dish story: As it turns out this was only the beginning of my real love of kale.  After eating kale this way for a while I dropped the cheese, and then before long I began to forgo the nuts. Pretty soon my love of kale, for its own sake, was in full bloom!
And here’s where the healthy love comes in. You probably know kale has many vitamins, minerals, and plenty of antioxidants, some omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and plenty of fiber. Do you know it also is about 17% protein?  Wow!  As a comparison, cooked navy beans have 20% protein.

Tuscan kale

That’s my story. What about other people? How did you get to love kale? Do you have a favorite recipe? Please share your kale story or a favorite recipe. I am looking forward to hearing from you.