One day in late winter I spied little chive leaves peeking through the snow!  These were volunteers that appeared in a pot on my deck last summer.  I didn’t have the heart to pull them, so they lived on through the seasons.  They must be very hardy to make it through the New England winter at the edge of a metal pot.  Hurray, for the renewal of spring.  Those “survivors” are the ones in the photo above.

After a few weeks, I could wait no longer.  I stepped outside to my herb garden and picked a nice big handful of vibrant green chive leaves from the more robust parent plants growing in the ground.  After giving them a good rinse, I chopped them up and made Lemon Chive Salad Dressing.

I used to think of chives primarily as a colorful garnish. Then secondarily as good flavor; and thinking of their nutrient value just had not occurred to me.  Did you know chives are super nutritious?  I read they are right up there in great nutrition with their bigger onion cousins.  I’m planning to try piling a half a cup of chopped chives on a single serving of salad one day soon.  That will be a nutritional boost.  I have a new-kinda’ love for chives.

In addition to chives coming up early, they will keep producing all summer and into the fall.  Just trim them back each time they flower.  Or trim them back even before they flower and they will grow again.  All this and they are cute to boot!