Have you ever dug up a cutting to see if it has roots yet?  I could have said I was transplanting the cuttings to a pot, but the truth in this case is that I was just checking on them.  The careful cutting of two-inch long tips of rosemary sprigs, dipping in root hormone, planting in a quasi-sterile potting soil, and all of my care either isn’t working, or it’s very slow.


On the other hand, the rosemary sprigs cut in haste and stashed in a cup on the north-facing screened-in porch have been doing what I’d only secretly wished for.  Four out of the dozen or so grew roots!  I had managed to change their water a couple of times over the weeks as I snipped away at their tops.  Eventually they were brought in to sit on the warm kitchen window sill.  When I pulled them out of the water to toss them in the compost, I discovered the roots.  Woot,woot!


You’re probably asking what all the excitement is about.  It’s about having rosemary plants in the garden again next year!  So I’ll tend these rooted sprigs through the winter. They will live on our sun porch until I plant them outside in the spring.  It’s bound to be a satisfying DIY project. 


The weather is forecast to drop into the teens tonight.  I’m headed out right now to pick more rosemary.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll get some more babies in six weeks or so.  I’m putting them in a clear glass container this time.  I think they’ll grow even if I’m watching.