There’s a new place to shop or just grab a bite. It’s centrally located at 104 Pleasant Street in Amherst, MA. My first visit was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I’ve returned with each visit to Amherst. I have been so dumb-struck-delighted as I shop that it took many visits before I remembered to take a photo for this post.
This cooperative market and café has so much going for it. Here are just a few “wow-factors”.
1. Fresh and frozen top quality foods from various local farms are available Tuesday through Sunday. ( I’m eating locally grown romaine, spinach, kale, and other greens any day of the week and it’s December!)
2. The location is great. It’s right next to Food for Thought Books. People living and working in Amherst are going to love this coop’s vast offering.
3. Its bringing the community together and strengthening it in so many ways. This is mind boggling, fabulously mind boggling!
4. All Things Local has a friendly atmosphere. I’m not a member, yet I felt very welcome. The annual membership fee is $50.00. Members receive a 1% store credit on all of their purchases.
5. Beautiful wood shelves display local creations including books, knitted hats, greeting cards, lotions, salves, soaps, and doggie treats. There are many more items, too many to name.
Here’s a summary of what the All Things Local: Cooperative Market is about. The following paragraphs are taken from their website. (link)
“We seek to improve food security, enhance local employment, advance community and regional economic well-being, and promote sustainable living by offering a marketplace for locally produced goods in the Pioneer Valley.
You may think of us as a year-round, indoor farmers market and crafts market, where the producers receive up to 80% of the price they set on the products they choose to sell.”